Importing Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables: A Story of Success and Expansion

At Naturland Solutions, our dedication to agriculture is not limited to just the manufacture of fertilizers and agricultural solutions; We are also committed to providing our customers with reliable access to fresh, quality produce.

Import of potatoes from Egypt:

One of our most outstanding achievements has been the import of high quality potatoes from Egypt, due to our beginnings in this country. We have invested in farmland in Egypt to ensure a steady supply of exceptional potatoes. These potatoes are grown and handled with the same quality and sustainability standards that we promote in all our products. Last season, we had the honor of supplying important French fries companies in Spain, which represents a testament to the quality of our potatoes and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Broadening horizons:

We don't stop here. We are excited to announce our expansion plans in additional fruits and vegetables. We believe that our expertise and commitment to sustainable agriculture can offer similar benefits to a variety of fresh produce. Our goal is not only to increase our presence in the Spanish market, but also to expand our reach at European level. We hope to bring the quality and freshness of our fruit and vegetables to consumers across Europe in the coming season.

At Naturland Solutions, we are proud to combine our passion for agriculture with a global focus on customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for updates in the Fruits and Vegetables section, where we'll share exciting news about our progress and ongoing commitment to excellence in fresh produce.

Importing Fruits and Vegetables