Orgo 40

CFP 1 (A) (II): Liquid Organic Fertilizer NK 3-5,5

What does it provide us?

Orgo 40 is a product based on Organic Matter of plant origin. Orgo 40 is a special formulation with a long history in the agronutrient market, always achieving more than satisfactory results in all crops.


The success of Orgo 40 is given, among other things, by its specific formulation that combines the following nutrients: organic matter, humic-fulvic substances,

NK and protein of vegetable origin.


The presence of organic matter in the soil provides important advantages, improving its physical properties (better structure and greater water retention capacity), chemical (facilitates cation exchange) and biological properties, improving microbial activity. When the levels of organic matter in the soil are low, it must be contributed to improve the crop. Orgo 40 fulfills these functions.


Fulvic acids have the specific characteristic of complexing the existing nutrients in the clay-humic complex, together with a great power of assimilation and penetration into the plant.



Orgo 40 is compatible with soluble fertilizers and plant protection products, as long as they have low pH.


Net mass

5L = 6,4 kg

20L = 25,76 kg

1000L = 1288 kg

Organic Matter and Humic Acids

Immerse yourself in our pink range at Naturland Solutions, where organic matter and humic acids come together to nourish your crops.

Experience the benefits of organic matter to improve soil structure and nutrient absorption. Humic acids, on the other hand, enhance the vitality of your plants, optimizing nutrition and promoting healthy soil.

Discover the harmony between nature and performance in our pink range.

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