Natur Zn

Complexed Zinc solution

What does it provide us?

Natur Zn is inorganic fertilizer, allows to prevent and correct the lack of Zinc, promote growth and avoid citrus foliocellosis, stimulates the development of the terminal bud (short internodes) and allows the development of leaves, contributes to photosynthesis and the formation and action of chlorophyll and increases flowering.


Natur Zn improves the coloration, size and number of fruits and thus increases crop yields.



Natur Zn is not mixed with mineral oils and alkaline reaction products


Net mass

5L = 6,44 kg

Chelates and Correctors

Explore the red range from Naturland Solutions, where we introduce our chelates and specialized correctors with micronutrients.

Designed to address deficiencies in plants, these products provide a comprehensive and balanced solution.

The unique combination of chelates and micronutrients in our red range is formulated to address deficiencies and promote the healthy development of your crops.

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