F-17 Plus

Growth stimulator



What does it provide us?


ECOFAT is a natural bioactivator of plant growth and development. It is made with natural extracts of seaweed (Aschophylumm nodosum) rich in cytokinins and natural hormones and special plant-based amino acids for fattening that stimulate leaf growth, increasing production and fruit quality.


Dosage and application time

Foliar application:

· Fruit trees, citrus: 75-125 cc/100L. At the beginning of bud break, just before fruit set and fattening begins.

· Melon, watermelon, zucchini, cucumber: 50 100  cc/100 L. As soon as the first 3-4 leaves appear.

· Cutter: 100  - 150 cc/ 100L. As soon as rooting takes place and when the first flowers appear.

· Tomato and aubergine: 75 100 cc/100L. In seedlings and after transplanting.

· Potato and onion: 100-150  cc/100L. When plants are 10-15 cm tall.

· Lettuce and Spanish celery: 100  125 cc/ 100 L. As soon as the first 3-4 leaves appear.

· Grapes: 75 100 cc/100L. From spreading leaves to setting.

· Banana: 75 100 cc/100L. Applied with phytosanitary treatments.


At Naturland Solutions, we associate the color purple with our line of algae-based fertilizers.

This unique range is complemented with essential micronutrients to provide enriched nutrition to your crops.

Discover the benefits of this combination, which not only stimulates growth but also strengthens the resilience of your plants.

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