Natur Cu-Chito

Copper-based and Chitosan fertilizer



NATUR Cu-CHITO is a versatile and effective solution for plant strengthening, usable both in pre-harvest established crops and in seed treatment. Its special formula, enriched with copper, promotes the growth of strong roots and helps plants maintain a solid upright posture.


In addition, as it is enriched with copper, this product significantly improves the taste and color of flowers and vegetables, boosting the quality of the crops.


The added advantage of NATUR Cu-CHITO is its rapid decomposition and absence of residues, making it a sustainable choice with no risk of resistance.

Dosage and application time

Foliar application:

· Fruit trees, Citrus: 125-200 cc/100L at the beginning of bud break, just before the fruit begins to fatten.

· Melon, watermelon, zucchini, cucumber: 100-150 cc/100 L. As soon as the first 3-4 leaves appear.

· Cutter: 150 - 200 cc/ 100L. As soon as rooting is done and when the first flowers appear.

· Tomato and aubergine: 100- 150 cc/100L. In seedlings and after transplanting.

· Potato and onion: 150-200 cc/100L. When plants are 10-15 cm tall.

· Lettuce and celery: 200 cc/ 100 L. As soon as the first 3-4 leaves appear.

· Grapes: 150 cc/100L. From the spreading leaves to the environment.

· Banana: 150 cc/100L. Applied with phytosanitary treatments.

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