Aminat Silica

Liquid mixture based on silicon and amino acids

What does it provide us?

Aminat Silica is a nutritional supplement that contains various active ingredients responsible for the regeneration of the plant that suffers biotic stress caused mainly by bacteria and viruses.


Aminat Silica promotes the formation and proliferation of meristematic cells, as well as mechanisms to restructure cells damaged by fungi and bacteria or the use of chemicals that damage plant tissues. The Aminat Silica formula contains fermented graminoid species, that are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, vital cell membrane components, polyphenols, ATP precursors, glutathione precursors and rich sources of amino acids. The amino acids in this formula do not act by biostimulating growth, but as regenerators of vascular tissues and scars.



Aminat Silica is unstable in contact with acids and metals.


Net mass

1L = 1,29 kg

5L = 6,43 kg

20L = 25,84 kg

1000L = 1292 kg

Aminat Silica


At Naturland Solutions, we associate the color green with our line of amino acid-based fertilizers. These products provide essential nutrition, enhancing the growth and health of your crops. Our range includes various products that combine nutrients and amino acids, offering a comprehensive solution to effectively and sustainably optimize performance.

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