Natur Boro

Borated fertilizer in solution. Boron ethanolamine

What does it provide us?

Natur Boro is a complex liquid corrector of boron deficiency, which will be used in foliar and root spraying, formulated with complex agents that makes it fully assimilable by the plant.


Natur Boro is a nutritional supplement with a source of boron and rapid assimilation, preventive treatments and/or treatments for the modification of deficiencies. The availability of boron to the plant has an effect on calcium absorption and transport.



Natur Boro cannot be mixed with oils, manganese sulphate, zinc sulphate and calcium salts.


Net mass

1 L = 1,37 kg

5L = 6,86 kg

20 L = 27,42kg

1000 L= 1371 kg

Chelates and Correctors

Explore the red range from Naturland Solutions, where we introduce our chelates and specialized correctors with micronutrients.

Designed to address deficiencies in plants, these products provide a comprehensive and balanced solution.

The unique combination of chelates and micronutrients in our red range is formulated to address deficiencies and promote the healthy development of your crops.

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