Magic Cal Flow

Limestone amendment. Calcium carbonate

What does it provide us?

Magic-Cal Flow is a technologically advanced formulation with high calcium content, totally soluble in water. Magic-Cal Flow has been developed to meet the calcium requirements of crops under fertigation systems in soils, high conductivity soils, etc. It dissolves in the soil as an unsaturated complex where it tends to interact with the high salt content, saturates the clayhumic complex with calcium, while salts are removed from the complex, to facilitate leaching of salts, and meet calcium requirements in acidic soils.


Magic-Cal Flow is indicated for crops with high calcium requirements and in plantations of citrus, fruit trees, vegetables, ornamental and industrial crops, industrial tomato, olive and strawberry that require soil amendment.



It is not advisable to mix Magic-Cal Flow with other products in fertigation systems. Once the product has been applied, the drip and/or injection systems should be washed well with water in order to avoid possible obstructions of the fertigation systems.


Net mass

5 L = 8,42 kg

10 L = 16,83 kg

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