Natur Ca B

Complexed calcium solution with boron 

What does it provide us?

Natur Ca-B is a liquid foliar fertilizer, characterized by its rapid absorption and assimilation by the crop.


Its richness in Calcium and Boron is developed to promote the quality of the fruits and prevent nutritional imbalances due to the deficiency of these elements. It is recommended as a complementary source of calcium and boron for crops that need large amounts of these nutrients. It avoids bad effects on apple tree cultivation, also fruit cracks and flower rot in horticultural crops.



Natur Ca-B can be mixed with other products that contain a high pH or low in copper.


Net mass

1 L = 1,39 kg

5L = 6,93 kg

20 L = 27,7kg

1000 L= 1385 kg

Multiple Deficiency Correctors

At Naturland Solutions, the brown range showcases our collection of multiple deficiency correctors, enriched with a variety of essential nutrients.

These specialized products are designed to address multiple deficiencies, providing a complete and balanced solution to promote healthy growth in your crops.

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