Natur Foscal

Calcium Phosphite



NATUR FOSCAL is a calcium phosphite, which combines the potentiating action of the plant's natural defense system against fungal diseases of the phosphite ion, with the corrective action of calcium deficiencies, enhancing its assimilation and transport.


NATUR FOSCAL induces the synthesis of secondary terpene-type metabolites, phytoalexins and enzymes involved in the internal mechanisms of disease resistance.


NATUR FOSCAL is a systemic corrector of calcium deficiencies, easily assimilated for the correction of physiopathies related to calcium deficiency.


NATUR FOSCAL provides a plant-induced response to various fungal diseases. It protects the crop against fungal diseases, such as: Phytophtora; rot or "neck sickness" in vegetables, flowers and fruit trees; neck chancres on fruit trees, citrus, pineapple, kiwi, avocado; root rot in fruit trees, citrus, pineapple, kiwi, avocado; fungal gummosis in citrus, downy mildew (vineyards and vegetables); slag (vineyards and fruit trees); watering down citrus fruits (rot of the fruit skin) and monilias in olive and fruit trees.

Dosage and application time


1. Citrus, fruit, tropical:  200-350 mL/100 L of water (hl), 2-3 applications: spring and summer bud breaks and in autumn.

2. Strawberry, vegetables (aubergine, zucchini, lettuce, pepper, cucumber, tomato, etc.), potato, vine: 250-300 mL/100 L of water (hl).

3. Ornamentals: 300 mL/100 L of water (hl); it is advisable to apply throughout the entire crop with an interval of 7-27 days depending on the crop and nutritional situation.


1. Citrus, fruit, tropical: 7-20 L/ha in two consecutive irrigations; apply at the end of irrigation.

Strawberry, vegetables, potatoes, vines: 6-8 L/ha.

Multiple Deficiency Correctors

At Naturland Solutions, the brown range showcases our collection of multiple deficiency correctors, enriched with a variety of essential nutrients.

These specialized products are designed to address multiple deficiencies, providing a complete and balanced solution to promote healthy growth in your crops.

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