Natur Hum 25

Humic acids of leonardite

What does it provide us?

Natur Hum 25 is a liquid humic soil enhancer obtained from highly humified lignites (leonardite)


Natur Hum 25 has a high concentration of humic acids and fulvic acids. The application of humic acids contributes significantly to improving the physicochemical and biological properties of the soil increasing fertility, and at the same time improves the process of releasing primary nutrients and micronutrients existing in the clay-humic complex, providing a better disposition and development of plant nutrients.



Natur Hum 25 cannot be mixed with low pH (acidic) products.


Net mass

5L = 6,25 kg

20 L = 25 kg

1000 L = 1250 kg

Organic Matter and Humic Acids

Immerse yourself in our pink range at Naturland Solutions, where organic matter and humic acids come together to nourish your crops.

Experience the benefits of organic matter to improve soil structure and nutrient absorption. Humic acids, on the other hand, enhance the vitality of your plants, optimizing nutrition and promoting healthy soil.

Discover the harmony between nature and performance in our pink range.

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