Aminat I Plus

Fertilizer with amino acids K 8

What does it provide us?

Aminat-I Plus is a fertilizer made with high concentration of free amino acids obtained by acid hydrolysis of plant matter. The elements contained in this product function as a source of rapid supply of nitrogen and potassium. Therefore, it contains a balanced aminogram that allows its use at any time during the development of the crop.


Aminat-I Plus is recommended to promote the development of crops during their early stages (young or recently transplanted plants), during the critical stages of growth, so that they can develop with more strength and adequate nutrient intake.



Do not mix Aminat-I Plus with oils, sulphur, alkaline pH products, or copper, except in olive groves.


Net mass

1L = 1,23 kg

5L = 6,15 kg

20L = 24,6 kg

1000L = 1232 kg


At Naturland Solutions, we associate the color green with our line of amino acid-based fertilizers. These products provide essential nutrition, enhancing the growth and health of your crops. Our range includes various products that combine nutrients and amino acids, offering a comprehensive solution to effectively and sustainably optimize performance.

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