Cal Natur

Nitrogenous solution with secondary elementes N (Ca) 8 (15,5)

What does it provide us?

Cal Natur prolongs life after harvest, as it allows obtaining a more consistent fruit.


Cal Natur is indicated for the treatment of calcium assimilation disorders, to avoid or reduce the cracking of fruits and improve the conditions of their conservation, since it favors the consistency of the pulp of the fruit, to prevent putrefaction of the end of the flower, especially in tomato and pepper and for its correction in the first flowers. In medullary trees Cal Natur is effective against apical rot. In cotton it is used to control the capsules in early autumn.



Cal Natur cannot be mixed with mineral oils, copper, sulfur or alkaline reaction products. It is not advisable to mix it with manure containing phosphates


Net mass

1L = 1,39 kg

5L = 6,93 kg

200L = 277,2 kg

1000L = 1386 kg

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