Aminat Magnum

Fertilizers with amino acids

What does it provide us?

Aminat Magnum is a purified compound that comes in the form of micro granules, based on a high content of amino acids and nitrogen. The product has been developed for use by foliar application or root treatment to promote crop growth and development. Aminat Magnum is especially indicated for use in order to overcome critical stages within the growth process or stressful situations.


It is especially recommended to stimulate the process of rooting, flowering, fruit formation, ripening and promote growth with respect to all types of crops (horticultural products, citrus, stone and seeds carrying fruit trees, plants, etc.)



Do not mix with mineral oils, products containing sulfur or copper and alkaline reaction products.


Net mass

1kg, 5kg, 20kg

Aminat Ca - Abono con Aminoácidos (Ca) (14) con Boro


At Naturland Solutions, we associate the color green with our line of amino acid-based fertilizers. These products provide essential nutrition, enhancing the growth and health of your crops. Our range includes various products that combine nutrients and amino acids, offering a comprehensive solution to effectively and sustainably optimize performance.

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