Sal Complex

Fertilizer NK (Ca) 6-13 (11)

What does it provide us?


Sal Complex is a solid formulation with high contents of Calcium and Potassium. It has been developed to activate the roots, optimize calcium and potassium nutrition, protect plants against salinity, condition the soil and improve the mechanisms of taking and transporting water and nutrients in the plant.


Sal Complex has a fast and marked effectiveness thanks to its content in Potassium and Calcium, to a high concentration of organic acids of low molecular weight. This formulation markedly improves the physiology of the plant and increases the resistance of crops to the stress caused by high salinity in the soil.



Avoid mixing with very alkaline products, such as NaOH and carbonates due to their reactivity and foaming.


Do not mix with fertilizers rich in sulfates, carbonates or phosphorus. Do not mix with amino acids, polyphosphates or trifluralins


Net mass

1 kg

5 kg

Salinity Correctors

At Naturland Solutions, our gray range represents our saline soil correctors designed to restore balance in areas affected by salinity.

These specialized products offer effective solutions to neutralize excess salts in the soil, providing the ideal conditions for the healthy growth of your crops.

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