Natur K30

Potassium solution K30

What does it provide us?

Natur K30 is a potassium solution of 300 g/L of potassium oxide. Potassium of easy absorption and developed both for foliar applications and for fertigation. It is a fertilizer high in potassium oxide. It presents an ideal formulation to complement the nutrition of the crop in stages of fruit development.



Compatible with most common plant protection products. In case of doubt, perform a previous test.


Net mass

1L = 1,4 kg

5L = 6,9 kg

200 L = 275,8 kg

1000 L = 1379 kg

Chelates and Correctors

Explore the red range from Naturland Solutions, where we introduce our chelates and specialized correctors with micronutrients.

Designed to address deficiencies in plants, these products provide a comprehensive and balanced solution.

The unique combination of chelates and micronutrients in our red range is formulated to address deficiencies and promote the healthy development of your crops.

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