Natur Ferro 48

Iron chelate

What does it provide us?

Natur Ferro 48 is an iron deficiency corrector for plants. It is completely soluble in water and it has a high stability; it can be applied in any type of soils. Its high content of chelated iron means that it can be used in alkaline and calcareous soils, where the use of iron chelates is essential for the development of the plant.



Natur Ferro 48 is compatible with most fertilizers and phytosanitary products available, although it is advisable to carry out a previous test.


Do not mix with mineral oils or in a highly acidic or alkaline reaction. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, Aluminum in the presence of moisture/water.


Natur Ferro 48 is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents and aluminum in the presence of moisture/water.


Net mass





Multiple Deficiency Correctors

At Naturland Solutions, the brown range showcases our collection of multiple deficiency correctors, enriched with a variety of essential nutrients.

These specialized products are designed to address multiple deficiencies, providing a complete and balanced solution to promote healthy growth in your crops.

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