Natur Gordo

Solid fertilizer NK (Ca) 5-26 (3,8) with seaweed extract and amino acids

What does it provide us?

Natur Gordo is a solid soluble mixture of nutritional elements with amino acids (lysine, glycine, etc.) and seaweed, favoring the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates. They intervene directly in the fattening and filling of fruits.

Natur Gordo improves cell division in fruits. Its application has an effect on the size and specific weight of the fruits.



Natur Gordo is compatible with most phytosanitary products, do not mix with oils, very acidic or very alkaline products.


Net mass

0,5 kg.

1 kg.

5 kg.


At Naturland Solutions, we associate the color green with our line of amino acid-based fertilizers. These products provide essential nutrition, enhancing the growth and health of your crops. Our range includes various products that combine nutrients and amino acids, offering a comprehensive solution to effectively and sustainably optimize performance.

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