Humic acids from Leonardite

What does it provide us?

HumSuper is a concentrated solid formulation of 100% Leonardite humic acids, totally soluble, adding to the soil active fertilizer with the remaining substances from the decomposition of organic matter.


HumSuper is an essential product within fertigation programs. Its use should be included within a strategy during the crop cycle, due to its intrinsic characteristics such as: solubility, stability, regular absorption in the soil, improvement of soil structure and cation exchange capacity. In the plant, it increases the production of enzymes, sugars, amino acids, etc.


In the soil, microorganisms are activated, the cation exchange capacity is improved and the mineral elements that are released and made available to the plant are improved, in addition to improving the structure of the soil.



HumSuper is compatible with most fertilizers and plant protection products available. Do not mix with highly alkaline oils and reaction products.


Net mass





Organic Matter and Humic Acids

Immerse yourself in our pink range at Naturland Solutions, where organic matter and humic acids come together to nourish your crops.

Experience the benefits of organic matter to improve soil structure and nutrient absorption. Humic acids, on the other hand, enhance the vitality of your plants, optimizing nutrition and promoting healthy soil.

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