Natur Mg

Chelated Magnesium Solution



NATUR Mg is a magnesium chelate.


It is an effective and stable chelate indicated to prevent and correct the symptoms caused by magnesium deficiency in all crops.


The use of this product provides a fully stable and available supply of magnesium, being free of blockages and interactions with other nutrients.

Dosage and application time

Foliar application: 2-4 L/ha

Fertigation:  5-8 L/ha

Chelates and Correctors

Explore the red range from Naturland Solutions, where we introduce our chelates and specialized correctors with micronutrients.

Designed to address deficiencies in plants, these products provide a comprehensive and balanced solution.

The unique combination of chelates and micronutrients in our red range is formulated to address deficiencies and promote the healthy development of your crops.

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