Natur Auxi

Plant Growth Regulator



The great part of the metabolic functions of the plants are regulated by hormones, they are synthesized by the cells and, depending on the specific metabolic pathway, they can be localized in various organs at different concentrations.


NATURAUXI has been developed as growth regulator, since in its formulation are contained hormones.


NATURAUXI improves the development of the root system, it stimulates plant during stress period, it contributes to fruit setting and increases fruits size.

Dosage and application time

NATURAUXI can be used in vegetables crops, ornamentals and fruit trees.


- Fertirrigation: 2-5 L/Ha in order to increase root formation and fruit development.

- Foliar spray: 25-45 mL/H.


- Vegetables crops: Apply to the beginning of blooming to increase fruit setting, repeat treatment in case of scalar blooming. During hidric or termic stress periods apply it to increase vegetative development.

- Ornamental crops: Apply during stress period in order to increase vegetative development.

- Fruit trees: Apply 10-15 days before blooming and repeat this treatment in case of scalar blooming. Apply during stress period in order to increase vegetative development.

Carry out the treatment only in crops with good sanitary conditions. Avoid treating crops during periods of extreme temperatures.


*This product may be modified in its composition to comply with the registration requirements in its country of operation, at the customer's request.



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