Natur Ca-B-Mg Flow

Liquid mixture of Ca and Mg with micronutrients

What does it provide us?

Natur Ca-B-Mg Flow is a corrector of deficiencies associated with low levels of calcium, magnesium and boron. Natur Ca-B-Mg Flow prevents problems such as fruit splitting, leaf damage, tissue desiccation (grape stem) and loss of strength.


Natur Ca-B-Mg Flow improves pollination and increases the adjustment rate of the fruit. Provides greater resistance to tissues; the life after the harvest and the commercial value of the crops. Natur Ca-BMg Flow is harmless to plants as it is formulated with gluconic acid.



NATUR Ca-B-Mg Flow can be mixed with other products containing a high pH or low in copper.


Net mass

1L = 1,31 kg

5L = 6,55 kg

10L = 13,09 kg

1000L = 1309 kg

Multiple Deficiency Correctors

At Naturland Solutions, the brown range showcases our collection of multiple deficiency correctors, enriched with a variety of essential nutrients.

These specialized products are designed to address multiple deficiencies, providing a complete and balanced solution to promote healthy growth in your crops.

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