Rooter Plus

Liquid seaweed extract

What does it provide us?

Rooter Plus is an Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed fertilizer concentrated with natural plant extracts and saccharides that improve root growth, with a base of seaweed extract, organic matter that promotes primary rhizogenesis.


Rooter Plus provides nitrogen to the plant.


Rooter Plus, effects and results: fast and efficient exploration of the soil, improvement of water use efficiency, improvement of nutrient uptake, plant vigor and balanced plant growth. The content works as a source of energy.



Rooter Plus cannot be mixed with alkaline pH products.


Net mass

5L = 6,19 kg

200L = 247,4 kg

1000L = 1237 kg


At Naturland Solutions, the yellow range symbolizes our root boosters, designed to foster robust root growth and enhance nutrient absorption.

These specialized products, brimming with yellow power, are formulated to provide your plants with essential support in the early stages of development.

Discover the difference with our root boosters, where root vitality meets optimal nutrient absorption.

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