Aminat Ca

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Fertilizer with amino acids (Ca) (14) with boron

What does it provide us?

Aminat-Ca contains amino acids of vegetable origin. It is a product composed of amino acids, Calcium and Boron, therefore, it has preventive effect for cases of Calcium and/or Boron deficiency. It should be applied especially in the phases of strong growth and development of the plant. It is absorbed and delivered to the parts of the plant with greater activity giving a high supply of nutrients. Aminat-Ca has a strong effect on the transport and regular supply of mineral salts and other elementsavailable in the soil. Amino acids contribute to the absorption of calcium through the roots and leaves.


Aminat-Ca is unstable with bases. Do not mix with bases in general, with sulfates or phosphates. Do not mix with fertilizers high in copper, sulfur, minerals or oils.

Net mass

1L = 1,285kg

5L = 6,43 kg

20L = 25,7 kg

200L = 257 kg

1000L = 1285 kg